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We have different pricing schema for static websites and dynamic websites. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us to please your order.


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Frequently Ask Questions

If you have some concerns about our service, These points will help you clear your doubts.

Hosting is like the home of your website. It is the place to store your website files. If you need a website, you will need somewhere to host it. There are many types of hosting services like shared hosting, reseller hosting, virtual private servers(VPS), and dedicated servers.

In simplest terms, a domain name is just an address to your website. Every website has an IP address. An IP address is just like a random string of numbers. When you register or purchase a domain name for your website, It’s like giving a name for the IP address. We don’t need to remember the IP address anymore. We can access the website using the domain name.

A business email address makes you look more professional online. The business email address appears as

Why you should get a professional email address

  1. Free emails look cheap.
  2. Free emails are more at risk of hacking
  3. Professional emails establish credibility.

The hosting service and hosting type depend on your budget. For static websites with less content, shared hosting is enough. But dynamic websites, we recommend VPS hosting. But we can create dynamic websites like eCommerce websites that perform well even in shared hosting.

VPS hosting stands for virtual private server hosting. A virtual private server is an entirely private server. Whereas in shared hosting, you host your website among many other websites. VPS only hosts your website and no other. VPS has a monthly payment system, and in shared hosting, we can pay for the hosting yearly.

Whether a website is static or dynamic depends on the website’s content. Static means that it does not change. In a static website, the same content that was given during the website launch will remain unchanged forever. In dynamic websites, we change photos, videos, text, and functions whenever you want. eCommerce websites are dynamic websites. The websites that have functions to perform specific tasks are dynamic websites.

We will not be going to offer reseller hosting or any hosting service and domains for you. But if you don’t know how to purchase hosting and domain, we are ready to help and guide you. If you already have web hosting and domain name, it’s ok.

To start any project, what we require from you is a domain name and web hosting.

It depends on the package that you order. We inform you of the duration to complete the project before placing the order.

We guarantee that we can complete any kind of website within two weeks.